FNL Contingent at March in March Melbourne 2014

“Why do we march?
Mainstream australians are feeling the pinch of the governments and becoming frustrated with the lopsided society they maintain. March in march has gathered large interest nationally, with the Melbourne facebook event page saying close to 15,000 people. Protests such as these demand our attention. It is imperative we have presence and communicate our truth to the people who are rousing. Not everyone at this protest is aware of the situation, they been reared on lies and deceit, and it would be a big shame if we let this opportunity pass to inform the people of the truth of this country past and present and to give them a vision outside of the box, that its possible for this spaceship Earth and all Her beings to live in a way that is compatible with life. Lets tell them its not enough to shuffle the ‘leaders’ around in a system where profit and money is god. It’s the game, not the players. And no true sense of freedom can ever be attained for anyone without liberating us first from this out of control invader system. This always was and always will be a free peoples land, and the 220+ years of darkness will end when we see justice for the crimes against our humanity and land, and when the structures of oppression are toppled.” Viv Malo (Gooniyandi)



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