First Nations Liberation is a grassroots organisation currently emerging out of Collingwood/Fitzroy as a part of the 200 + year continuum of the first nations peoples’ struggle for justice, land rights, self-determination/economic independence and freedom in this part of the continent.

The definition of First Nations Liberation is evolving as the organisation grows and develops. To learn more about what the organisation stands for, where it emerges from politically and historically and the ideas, actions (and people behind them) that inspire, follow the links that are featured throughout this Blog, they can begin to give you an insight into where FNL is coming from.


Djuran Bunjileenee aka Robbie Thorpe (Gunai/Mara) on FNL:


First Nations Liberation is an organisation of people dedicated to liberating themselves from the current oppressive situation they find themselves in”



First Nations Liberation is the obvious, logical next step in the quest to liberate ourselves”


First Nations Liberation represents the collective conciousness of the people who are concerned, and determined to do something about, the most basic and fundamental rights of the first peoples of this continent”




Viv Malo (Gooniyandi) on FNL:


“First Nations Liberation = Black-Power Revival!”


“First Nations Liberation is about campaigning, actions, advocating,  community support, media, screenings, educating ourselves and the wider community on the truth of this country, and what we need to do to free ourselves from this invading system.”


it’s a collective, black and white down south who are already fighting for freedom on different fronts. This is an attempt at organising ourselves from the grassroots again, honouring past warriors by reviving the spirit of Black struggle and empowering ourselves along the way.  We want truth to be told, justice and freedom”

“You wont have your freedom without Ours” ~



Send an email to firstnationsliberation@gmail.com to get in touch



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